Thodorou islet
June 17, 2016

Aradaina Gorge

As you ascend from Anopolis Sfakion on the wild mountain with breathtaking view views that reach even Gavdos island, we meet the picturesque village Aradena. A metal bridge standing at 138 meters above the gorge of Aradaina and leads from one end to the other.
The courageous ones can decide to take a fall in the gap of 138 meters (bungy jumping) because even crossing it requires courage as you gaze the greatness of nature and feel the vibration from even the slightest wind.

The gorge starts even before one steps over the bridge, and 5.5 km and 3-4 hours later, one ends in the beautiful beach Marmara, in the Aegean Sea. The route is relatively easy and you can enjoy the rich flora and fauna of Crete and the wild rocky landscape.


Source: GxG