Kato Stalos, Chania, Crete

Stalos Chania

The village of Stalos is located in a distance of 7km from Chania. Stalos beach  is a sandy beach with soft sand with 2km length. Entering Stalos from Chania you will find us in the central street in left side in the middle of the region.

Kato Stalos, which is the coastal part of the region has a fantastic sandy beach. The beach is very well organized and that all possible tourist services provided. For this reason, the beach awarded with the blue flag.

Pano Stalos, located south to the mainland, is a beautiful village surrounded by green hills. Characteristic of the area are gorgeous relief formations of rocks.

According to Cretan mythology, Stalos got its name from Talos, the bronze giant that went round the island three times a day and protected. It is believed that the mythical Talos had his home in the current Stalos. However, a second view holds that Stalos got its name from the period of Ottoman rule, when the Ottoman landowners’ “stalizan” “their sheep in the area, ie brought together to rest under the shade of trees in the area before the transfer to the nearby Galata for milking.